Beetle Bomber

We will have a very entertaining painter with us this December! Please welcome Timothy Tryon, the "Beetle Bomber"!
Beetle Bomber is not a typical artist. As a performance artist specializing in acrylic speed paining he often finishes complex paintings in less than 30 minutes. Beetle Bomber’s subjects include Anime, Comics, Fantasy, Games, Magic, Medieval, Movies, Sci-Fi, Television, and anything you might see at a convention – galvanizing his claim as an original Con-Artist. Some have called him the Bob Ross of Nerds, some call him the gangster of love, but whatever you call him you’re guaranteed to find new paintings every time you pass his way.

Joshua Terral

Joshua Terral of Eneg Design Studio will joining us this December!
Josh has a background and degree in graphic design and has a unique art style that's mostly influenced by oriental style popular art. But he also loves to experiment and is always up for a challenge and enjoys working on portraits and western comic style pictures as well.

Delayed Art

Inspired by the exciting worlds of a variety of fandoms - from anime to video games to even music -  Delayed Art works to create originally drawn art prints, hand-made trinkets, and more! At Shrevecon, you'll find that Delayed Art offers a plethora of genres, styles, and tastes, all provided by two sisters who've been chasing their art dream for years. If you like epic posters and designs that uniquely explore beyond common boundaries, then you've come to the right place!

Rhela Art Designs

Hooray!! Rhela Art Designs will be at Shrevecon! 
From Rhela:
"I'm Rhela! I love anime and video games and reflect it in my work! I specialize in Chibi art, but can do regular anime style.
I look forward to seeing everyone this December!!!"

C.N. Pinkard

CN Pinckard is a residence of Princeton, Louisiana, who is a widowed mother of two boys with autism.  She has written 2 books and is working on the 3rd currently. Mrs. Pinckard uses writing to help those who need a place to escape for a while and forget their troubles as she has done in the past. She recently graduated from NSU with a degree in English, and plans on working on a degree in elementary education. Writing has always been a passion of hers and she is working on a 10 book series, however, she is also working on a series of books focusing on younger children. Her book series is a great addition to any library and are a favorite with us here at Shreve Con.

Star Williams

Star is the owner and organizer of Shreve Con. But she will also have a booth at the December event full of her original art!

She specializes in paintings influenced by classic and pulp science fiction books, comics, art and films.

Galaxy Gear

Epic geek bait for adults custom made to order! I make headbands, scarves, beanies, leggings, socks, fingerless gloves, and the occasional top. :)


Blushyies will be will be coming to Shreve Con this December! They are a local business that sells some wonderful anime and gaming merchandise for affordable prices. So come out and shop! You're sure to find some great Christmas gifts at Shreve Con this year!

S2 Creations

We have some really fun stuff coming to you from S2 Creations!
S2 Creations is a local family owned business that specializes in etching a variety of designs on glassware and stainless steel.

Boon Businelli

Boon is a self taught artist/musician/writer and professional tattooer since 1995. He is currently working on the graphic novel The Chronicle of Gears - website -

Lunisolar Creative Productions LLC

We are a husband and wife team specializing in children's entertainment media and are currently working on our fourth book. Our main focus is the Beararms McKenzie books and it is a planned 15 book series with spin off books as well. Our books are sold worldwide via the amazon market place and at Barns and

Pen Craftsmanship

"I make custom handmade pens and pencils. I can almost make any pen personal to you." 
                                      - Bobby Ward of Pen Craftmanship

Man Made Soap

Man Made Soap will once again be bringing their Geek Soap to Shreve Con!  Get stocked up on all your favorite Geek 🤓 Soap! 
Here's a small sample of what you can expect at the MAN MADE SOAP booth. 
Black Light Reactive Soaps, Zombie Repellent Soap, 🦄Unicorn Poo💩(new), Iron Man Orange, Ball Wash(new), Sex Panther Soap, Pirate Wash, Buffalo Bills Body Butter, Pokémon, Unicorn 🦄 , and Rainbow 🌈 Bath Bombs, 🥊Fight Club Soap, Castiel, Heisenberg Bath 🛀 Salts, Wonder Woman, and over 30 MORE scents and products to choose from. 

Don't forget to take your "annual Cosplay pic" at the booth while you're there, and snag some free soap.
#manmadesoap @manmadesoapbossiercity

Laser Dragon Productions

From an early age Bryce showed incredible talent in all areas of art. His passion and dedication led him to courses at a college level while still in middle and high school. He is a recipient of grants and awards in recognition of his art and entrepreneurship. The author of his own comic books series, website, animated series and company, Laser Dragon Productions LLC, are the fruition of his creativity and dedication. Always looking for a new challenge, Bryce continues to refine and expand his artistic ability through participation in conferences, conventions and coursework including volunteering as a prop designer for Shreveport Little Theater. To share his passion and inspire the next generation of artists, Bryce gives his time and energy to introduce storyboarding and creative maker spaces to younger children. Bryce can found on Facebook , Instagram, YouTube and the Web under Laser Dragon Productions.

D' Pool's Decorum

I am a Deadpool cosplayer that paints really weird pictures of Deadpool and other things. I like Deadpool turtles.


Kawaii Pop Maid Cafe

We are a popup maid and butler café located in the Shreveport/Bossier City, LA area! We offer an array of cute desserts and entrees made from scratch by our kitchen fairies! We hope that all of you lovely lords and ladies will join us for a day of delicious food, performances, games, and magic.

Starlamp Studios

Starlamp Studios creates handmade jewelry and accessories with a whimsical flair. Find a range of necklaces, rings, hair accessories and more that are inspired by nature, plus many that pay homage to your favorite fandom. Since every item is handcrafted, we're happy to personalize your piece or to create a custom item just for you.

Watson and Allen Novels

Otsana Boutik

Lost Girls Traveling Emporium

Lil' Washu's Creations

Geek Long and Prosper

Shut Your Foxhole

Last Standing Art

Jean Connolly

Seemingly Strange and Unusual Tales

Hot Dawg Hut

We're going to have some good eats at Shreve Con! The Hot Dawg Hut will be with us!
The Hot Dawg Hut and Catering is a mobile hot dog vendor specializing in Chicago style Vienna all beef hot dogs with a variety of regular and premium toppings.
A percentage of their proceeds for this event will be going to the Boy Scouts of America.

We have many more vendors! This page is still a work in progress, and I will be adding more information about vendors and everything else very soon.